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Cloaking Your Website Content: Good Or bad Idea?
[Jun. 24, 2003] Definition: By "cloaking" a Web page, a Web developer serves the search engine spiders a different optimised page than the page shown to an actual Web site visitor. To cloak, you redirect visitors when they arrive at your Web site. By Eric Stein
The difference between success and failure
[Jun. 16, 2003] E commerce can save time and money in many ways. Records can be managed more easily using appropriate computer programs; the need for paper can be reduced, and the amount of physical storage space can be minimized.
Telling People Anything Is Wasted Effort
[Jun. 7, 2003] "Show, Don't Tell." Okay, I just told you something. Do you believe it? Not unless you already know it's so. The fact is that all must be demonstrated. In the new era of permission selling, the name of the game is persuasion. Never tell anybody anything. By Bob McElwain
Productivity And Your Business
[May 27, 2003] Productivity means different things to different people. When big business uses the term, it often means laying people off and cutting down on their offerings. The customers they lose in the process can be the basis for your successful business. Particularly if you define productivity as a small business should. By Bob McElwain
Optimising Dynamic Content
[May 21, 2003] When you've built websites from scratch by hand, you begin to realise what a gift database driven dynamic solutions are to web publishing. They can however create numerous obstacles to being indexed in search engines. Find out more here.
Should I sell a product or service online?
[May 21, 2003] One of the first things you will have to decide when setting up an Internet business is whether you want to sell a product or a service, both of which have their advantages and disadvantages.
Importance of having your own domain name
[May 14, 2003] Tells you why you need to have your own domain name in order to get a high ranking in the search engines. By Sumantra Roy
8 ways to close online sales
[May 12, 2003] Your online store is up and running, and sales are starting to roll in. Now is the time to step back and make sure you avoid a common pitfall for online merchants — abandoned shopping carts.
Ride The Service Revolution
[May 5, 2003] Even if you are just getting started, give customer service top priority. If you already have a site, improving support may be the easiest way to boost your bottom line. By Bob McElwain
Is your business right for e-commerce?
[May 5, 2003] Selling products and services online sometimes is as simple as using common sense. Click through some of the most popular Web sites and you'll quickly discern that books and music must be conducive to an online business.
The Gold Is In Repeat Business
[May 4, 2003] Building a profitable website is all about building repeat business. While more difficult to do online than offline, it's got to happen. Else success will remain elusive. By Bob McElwain
Answer Up Right Now!
[Apr. 30, 2003] For several years it has been clear that customer support is a fundamental factor in producing financial success. Why then do so many go to extreme lengths to avoid providing it? Particularly when it is a strategy that leads only to failure? By Bob McElwain
Service Sells!
[Apr. 25, 2003] Companies left and right are doing all possible to duck customer requests, complaints, or input of any kind. You can really turn this to your advantage, as Jenny points out here. By Jennifer Johnson
Spice up your Web site
[Apr. 20, 2003] I recently ran across a photo of two women in regal red robes surrounded by the terra-cotta warriors of Xian, China. What they are reverently holding is not an ancient Oriental scroll, but a bottle of Cakebread Cellars Chardonnay.
Database driven websites: what and how?
[Apr. 15, 2003] Database driven websites: what are they and how are they built?
Customer Personality Types: Does It Matter?
[Apr. 7, 2003] Marketers are fond of defining prospects as to personality types. And many such definitions are available. You may find one that suits your needs. However, the better plan may be to ignore such definitions, and provide all that anybody might need to make the buy decision. By Bob McElwain
Taking Charge Of Attitudes
[Apr. 1, 2003] We are all complex creatures, loaded with strong opinions about all sorts of things. For the most part, however, our personal convictions should not be exposed on our websites. Build a strong business image for yourself, and cling to it, else you'll lose. By Bob McElwain
A Postcard And Your Credibility
[Mar. 26, 2003] If you take the time to reach out to your customers, they'll appreciate it. And in doing so, you'll give your credibility an awesome boost. By Bob McElwain
Prove It With A Mini-Site
[Mar. 25, 2003] Have you got a notion about something you think might work on the Web? One that others scoff at? Well, here's a slick way to find out for sure whether you're right and they're wrong. And if you're right, you may have found gold. By Bob McElwain
I Need Help Right Now!
[Mar. 25, 2003] If you seek to minimize your support time and cost, you will decrease sales. Choose the opposite route. Maximize support to maximize sales. Costs will be more than covered by increased profits. By Bob McElwain
Are You In The Junk Business?
[Mar. 22, 2003] Your web-based business is not much different from offline mail order businesses. And the conviction of many is that mail order products are junk. Your visitors tend to think your web-based business is also a rip. How do you beat this? By Bob McElwain
Increase The Power Of Your Testemonials
[Mar. 18, 2003] Are you using testimonials in your marketing? If not, you are missing one of the most successful forms of marketing ever used. Adding a testimonial to your current marketing material can not only increase your sales but more importantly increase your credibility!
5 steps to taking credit cards online
[Mar. 15, 2003] Accepting credit cards online is imperative for successful e-commerce. It makes it easy for customers to purchase from you, encourages impulse buying, reinforces your company's professionalism and increases your chance of closing a sale.
7 secrets of affiliate programs
[Mar. 11, 2003] Web flea markets don't work for the most part. The Web is a virtually free publishing medium that allows people to offer anything quickly and easily.
6 ways to rev up your Web site
[Mar. 7, 2003] Creating a business Web site can be a major investment of time, money or both. How do you make sure that you get the most out of that investment?
Can A Single Product Site Make It?
[Feb. 23, 2003] While there are exceptions, a site which sells only one product is unlikely to produce a livable income. Why? Because it costs a good deal to generate a sale, and all such costs must be deducted from the net. The better plan is to distribute this cost over many sales of related products. By Bob McElwain
10 reasons why businesses fail
[Feb. 17, 2003] An English actor on his deathbed once muttered: "Dying is easy. Comedy is hard."
In Selling The Sizzle, Don't Forget The Steak
[Jan. 30, 2003] We think in pictures. Since this is so, the images we create in the minds of our visitors matter far more than some may realize. Here are the basic elements of a website, considered from the point of view of painting great pictures. By Bob McElwain
How To Recieve Web Awards
[Aug. 26, 2002] Awards are nice to receive after having put a lot of effort (or not) into your site. If you haven't gotten one yet for your killer design, you are at the right place. You undoubtedly have seen several sites around the net showing off their nice, shiny awards. Then you wonder: "Why haven't I got an award? My site is at least just as good!". The truth is, you can't receive an award if you don't apply for one. Those other sites don't get their awards straight out of nothing, they've applied for it! By Kang He

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