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5 tips that can save you from e-embarrassment

By Andrew Olanoff
Posted Thursday, November 25, 2004

1. Was your site made before 1999?
Odds are if your site was made before 1999, during the so-called "dot com frenzie" it probably looks it. Updating your overall look and feel is essential in keeping your business represented the way that is should be. Things like frames, scrolling text, popups, animated images that don't match the rest of your site, are a few of the sure signs that you're not putting your best online foot forward.

2. Have you visited your website in the past year?
Don't laugh, so many times we get a no! Constantly updating your content and showcasing new products or events is key to your online presence. Imagine having a calendar from 1999 hanging in your doesn't come off well to a customer!

3. Does your website have an "end goal"?
What is the goal of your website? Do you want to make a sale? Offer free information? Entertain? Give a free estimate? This is a common problem with websites that haven't been touched or looked at in the past few years. Too many web designers made a "landing page" for you with contact information figuring that was all that you needed. Things have changed. You have to guide a user from start to finish on your site, leading them to your "end goal".

4. Does your site make you look as professional as you are?
Too many times we see contact emails that are,,, or This shows a web savvy user that you're not commited to your online presence, and will most likely not even send you an email! Also, websites without a top-level domain ( are not even given a second thought. An online contact form is a great way to keep a user on your site, and show that you are dedicated to their feedback or concerns.

5. Are you commited to customer service?
If your company is as commited to customer service as enterMediate is, you would probably not be reading this. This is not a slight on you, or a rude lecture. We understand that when you're busy, the last thing that you think of is your website. enterMediate wants to change that...It should be the *first* thing you think about. Relying on your website for the rest of your companies operations can streamline the way you do business. Consumers notice the smallest things!!!!

We understand that it is too costly to employ a person to be your "webmaster", that is why maintenance services like ours could be just what you're looking for.

We would love to hear any feedback that you may have.

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About the Author
Andrew Olanoff is the Co-Founder of enterMediate, a multimedia consulting firm in the Philadelphia area. Andrew has experience in multiple internet markets, and enterMediate's co-founder Michael Dittbrenner is a well respected programmer.


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