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Relieving Your Bandwidth Migraine

By Jay Kallam
Posted Thursday, December 9, 2004

T1 Lines, T3s, DSL, Cable, Wireless solutions… Where is technology taking us next, and how do we find the right solution? The world of telecommunications is constantly changing. New technologies, improved and upgraded products and services, and new companies added to the landscape have brought forth many business changes in the form of mergers, acquisitions, price changes, and expanded markets. Demand for voice and data solutions, increased bandwidth at faster speeds, mobile environments, and less-expensive solutions continues to grow at an enormous pace, especially in the business community. The difficulty comes in keeping up with what is coming next.

August 11, 2004 -- Knowing the service which fits your needs and competitively shopping for bandwidth and telecommunications services is an overwhelming task. How can you know which solution or network provider to trust with your needs?

There are many new companies that have entered the market to help businesses match solutions with network providers. Their sole purpose is to assist you in finding the service you want at the price you need. Most of these companies offer a web-based method to take your information and return quotes to you – some instantly, and some after a few days. These companies fall into three different categories.

The first category is known as the "Instant Quote." These companies have you fill out a form on their website and then immediately provide you a quote for a range of services. The problem with these companies is that they spend no time talking with you to first determine your needs. Most of the time, these instant quotes are "estimates" because the providers don't have specific information about the solutions you are seeking. The hidden charges are added to the price after the initial quote and you don't see your final cost sometimes until its too late.

The second category is known as "lead generators" or "referral agents." These companies are similar to the first in that you fill out a form on their website. Your contact information is then blasted to sales people with dozens of network providers. With so much competition between these providers, they promote any and all methods of finding potentially "hot leads" to keep their sales people busy. The ones that can qualify your location for one of their services will call you back and try to sell it to you. This usually results in a bombardment of phone calls and emails from each provider over the next several days. How is this any different from just contacting them directly? Well, that's the whole point: It is no different at all.

The third category is known as a "broker." As with the first two types, you fill out a form on their website with information about the services you are seeking. A representative of this company then calls you to discuss your needs and then researches the best fit for you with the various providers in your area. They then bring you multiple quotes and supporting information so you can make an informed decision. One agent representing dozens of providers. One contact serving you.

Each of these companies provide free services and generally work with the same network providers. However, without understanding which type of company you're dealing with, you could be inadvertently throwing yourself to the wolves. Knowing how to find the right agency to help you with your needs is the secret. Think of it as if you're working with an Insurance Agency to help you find the best policy at the best rate to protect your investment. They shop various insurance companies and present to you the best available solutions.

Companies like T1 Solutions have built a very large and loyal client base by focusing on the specific needs of hungry business-class bandwidth consumers. By speaking with a representative who gathers all of the best available T1 Pricing for your business location, you not only save time and money, but you get an objective third party who explains the differences of each provider and then facilitates a contract exchange and even helps manage the process of the getting the T1 Line installed more quickly.

Like all of the services described above, a true bandwidth and telecommunications broker is still free to the consumer because the network providers pay them to help you find the connection you need. Why would they do such a thing? Well, can you imagine hiring professional, educated, dedicated sales people to sell your company's products and services, and only having to pay them reasonable commissions when they produce results? No more big salaries, benefits, offices, and expenses... just straight commission when they get the job done.

Despite so many changes in this industry than ever before, professionally run bandwidth Broker Agencies make up one area of the telecom industry that still has it's act together. Working with an expert to acquire the most cost effective business voice/data connection is a win-win situation. Next time you need bandwidth prices, try one out… you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Less work, best prices, no headaches. Internet, just the way you like it, and just the way it should be.

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