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"I once feared the Internet"

By Ralph Almeida
Posted Sunday, December 19, 2004

I always envied entrepreneurs who were making their fortune on the internet. After all the internet has created more millionaires than any other vessel in history, and I longed to be part of this elite group.

While I considered myself computer literate, all this html code gibberish left me feeling totally inadequate and afraid to pursue my dream. This little word called "fear" had held me back from becoming a millionaire ten years ago.

One day as I upgraded my personal computer I came across a website building software, and being the curious type of person that I am - I decided to play around with it. Much to my amazement, this software required nothing more than some simple cut and paste skills. Within a few hours I had a one page website built.

Because of technological software advances these days, building a website has become almost as easy as typing a letter.

Next, I decided to do some reading on the internet and find out what steps that I needed to take to actually get this website published on the internet. I soon found out that every website needed a "domain name", which is the actual website address that people will type into their browser or search engine to find your website. The domain name that I choose for my website was: When directing visitors to my website, I give them this address: (

Purchasing a domain name can be very inexpensive. Domain names can be purchased from ( for as little as $5.00 a year. (I am in no way affiliated with godaddy, but I find their services very economical.)

Next, I learned that the final step that I would need to take was finding someone to "host" my website. This entails using their servers to upload your site to the internet. Again, I found the hosting prices at godaddy to be very economical also. You can get your site hosted for about $5-$8.00 monthly.

And if you don't have the software to build your website with, godaddy will let you purchase and download a website building software for $14.95.

So in order to build a website, you will need:

1.A website building software
2.A domain name
3.A hosting account
All this can be done for as little as 20-25 dollars, and your website can be online within a few day! Easy huh?

So, if you have ever dreamed of getting your business on the internet, put those fears aside...ANYONE can build their own website.

Don't have a product? No worries there either. I am a personal affiliate with a company called SFI marketing group who sells various products such as long distance plans, isp's, magazines, books, domain names, etc. SFI is registered with the Better Business Bureau, and pays their affiliates an 80% commission on first time sales. This is the best commission plan on the internet that I know of, and the program is free to join. You can get more information or sign up here. (

Best Wishes to you for your future prosperity!

Ralph Almeida

About the Author
Ralph Almeida is a successful network marketer who will help you establish an online presence and start generating income immediately. Visit him at: (


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