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Anyone can start a web portal - it's easy

By Derrick Goodfriend
Posted Wednesday, December 1, 2004

When you think of a web portal, who do you think of? Yahoo, Lycos, Altavista, and others, perhaps? Did you know that you could create your own that people would want to go to? Well you can! In this article you will find many different ways to enhance your website and create a web portal.

1. Your primary content
Your primary content is important when starting your own web portal. It's the core of your website and it's what your
visitors see first. In addition to your own content, there are many different options when it cones to choosing where you get your content from. One great source is With you get everything you need, all co-branded with your logo. It comes fully loaded with news, weather, comics, a download section, online games, and more. Also, if you only need news or weather on your site, you can try for news and has different weather forecasting options available for your site.

2. Your secondary content
Your secondary content is also important to your web portal's development. You have a number of choices when it comes to your secondary content:

For your own e-greeting card service, go to
For your own search engine, go to and look for the VSE.
For a free e-mail service, try or
For a free MP3 search box, try eMP3
These are only a few suggestions as to what your seconday content can be.

3. Add a web store
One way to make money for your web portal is to add a web store. At, you can add you logo or any image to a wide variety of product for sale. They set a base price and you can set your price higher than their base price to earn a commission from the sales. You can also go through and earn a commission selling books from your site. Using these techniques you should begin to create your own web portal and maintain it. Keep searching the web for more content and helpful services that your visitors will enjoy.

About the Author
Dearrick Goodfriend is the owner and webmaster for (, an internet portal with a search engine, free e-mail, e-greeting cards, and much more.


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