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Web Server Error Messages

By Ruben Flores
Posted Tuesday, September 7, 2004

From time to time you will encounter server error messages when trying to access a Website or Web page. Here are some of the most common error messages that I have come across and what they usually mean.

"404 File Not Found" -This error message occurs when an article or document you are trying to reach has been changed or removed from that server or the site itself no longer exist on that server. Sometimes a Web page has been removed or changed, but the site is still there. Try eliminating the ending of the URL, for example: <(> into <(>, then hit your "reload/refresh" browser button. This will reveal if the site no longer exist or if just the document has been changed or removed. Another possibility could be that the site is temporarily down for maintenance.

"501 Invalid Domain Name" - This commonly occurs when the server cannot find the Web site address you are looking for. Try double checking the URL you entered to see if you spelled it correctly. Sometimes one will forget to put a "/" or a "." in it's place resulting in this error message.

"DNS Look-up Failure" - The server could not find the domain name in the DNS database. Try checking the URL you entered to see if you correctly spelled it. If you get the same message, then the domain name probably does not exist. Another possibility is that there is a lot of traffic on the net and the server is taking to long to connect to that site. Wait a while and try the URL again later. If you get the same message over and over, chances are that the domain name no longer exist.

"No Response From Server" - This is usually due to high traffic volumes on the site's host server you are trying to access. The problem occurs when too many people are trying to access the same site, at the same time, causing the server to overload. The end result is commonly referred to as the "bottle-necking" effect, where no one get's through to the site. You ISP's connection to the net can also be the source of the problem. Wait a while and try the URL again later.

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