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XemanteX – Defining a new way to read documents on the web

By Prasad Kopanati
Posted Tuesday, November 9, 2004

What is XemanteX?

This article is about a new and innovative web application designed and developed to help internet readers understand the content presented on the web easily. Creators call it “XemanteX”. You can interact with this application at ( or (


The word “XemanteX” originates from “Semantics” - the study of language meaning. “Our goal at XemanteX is to enable every internet user grasp, understand and assimilate the content presented on the web by providing efficient and user friendly semantic assistance”, creators of XemanteX say. The project is named XemanteX to define it as related to semantics, but at the same time aiming much more service than just semantic help (the two X’s signify the undefined nature of the project).

Who can use this application?

Any internet user can use this application. XemanteX believes in the fact that everyone needs language assistance at some point. It offers language related services by providing meanings to words right on the screen. User neither stops reading nor moves back and forth between other dictionary sources – all that is done is double clicking a word on the document to get its meaning.

How to use XemanteX?

There are two ways to use XemanteX.
1) Get language-help on a web-published document at a specified URL.
2) Get language-help on text pasted on to XemanteX’s screen.

In the first case, user types the URL of the web document and passes it to XemanteX by clicking a button. XemanteX, in turn, gathers the content from the specified URL and displays it with built in dictionary tool.

In the second case, user pastes the text that’s copied from other source (a word document, text file, etc). XemanteX then enables language help for the text that is pasted.

As explained earlier, user double clicks on any word to get its meaning. People at XemanteX call this “Web Reading Made Easy”.

Why use XemanteX?

It offers a pleasant reading experience and saves time. Moreover, it is easy to use.


XemanteX offers its services in English at this time. However, it wishes to expand to other languages very soon. In addition to meanings, XemanteX aims at providing the entire semantics of the word (or phrase) by a simple click.

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About the Author
Software developer / Programmer with extensive knowledge im business processes. Graduated with a Master's degree in Computer Science.


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